LBX W announced for PSP, LBX Explosive Boost announced for 3DS

The latest issue of Shogakukan’s CoroCoro Comic spills the beans on the latest LBX projects. The magazine has announced LBX W for PSP and LBX Explosive Boost for 3DS.

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LBX W (Danball Senki W) is a true sequel to the original game that allows users to take command of two main characters. The first is returning Ban Yamano, with newcomer Hiro Oozora, a nerd who one day wants to be a super hero. Ban will be using an updated Achilles, with Hiro using Perseus. The concept behind the game is the double main characters, with “W” also being a Japanese symbol for meaning double. It will tie-in to the LBX W anime, and manga series.

LBX Explosive Boost (Danball Senki Baku Boost) is an expansion to last year’s LBX Boost, which itself was an expansion to the original LBX game. This version of the game is said to have touch controls to take off focus from the battlefield, touch customization and 3D visual effects.

A release date for both titles wasn’t given.

Don’t forget to check out our game pages for both LBX W, and Explosive Boost!


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