Little Battlers eXperience English Dub Cast Revealed

Ahead of the channel’s August 24th broadcast in the US, Nicktoons has begun streaming the first episode of the Little Battlers eXperience anime on their website. This English dub, which is different from the one that aired in Asia, was directed by Karl Willems and produced by the Ocean Group for Dentsu Entertainment USA in association with Rollman Entertainment. Voice actors were recorded at Ocean Entertainment in Vancouver and Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Canada. Here’s the entire cast list from the first episode, entitled “Starting Small”:

Van: Cole Hanson
Kaz: Brett Bauer
Amy: Shannon Chen-Kent
Len/Lex: Jonathan Love
Tyler: Ryan Luhning
Cilian: Paul Cowling
Devin: Brendan Hunter
Damon: Jesse Gervais
Jon: Roger Rhodes
Marie: Carol-Anne Day
Rina: Cheryl McMaster
Ken: Michael Adamthwaite
Sadie: Nikita Bradette
Marshall: Michael Dobson
Togor: Michael Shepard
Eeny: Rebecca Shoichet
Meany: Richard Ian Cox
Miny: Andy Toth

The opening theme song for the English version is “Battle On”, which was written and performed by Mike and Andrew Twining. Both the credits and the background music have been replaced from the Japanese version.


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