On August 25, 2009 during the Level-5 Vision 2009 event video game publisher Level-5 announced that their then upcoming PSP video game, Little Battlers eXperience would be receiving a television anime adaptation. The series would premiere on March 2, 2011 on the Japanese television network TV Tokyo right after Inazuma Eleven Go during the 7:27PM timeslot. Reruns of the series could be seen on various Japanese satellite networks, including Kids Station. Japanese distributor Media Factory began releasing DVDs June 2011.

The first Little Battlers eXperinece anime series follows Ban Yamano, a boy who is in love with Little Battlers, a toyline that’s incredibly popular, but prohibited from his mother. One day he is given an LBX he’s never seen before from a mysterious woman, and from that day forward things would never be the same. Him, and his friends must confront the forces of evil and save the world.

On August 1, 2011 Dentsu Entertainment USA announced that they would distribute the anime series in the United States and abroad. The series would be dubbed by Bluewater Studios in Calgary, Canada. The English dub premiered March 20, 2012 on Animax in Southeast Asia. Fansub group Rocket Gang began translating the series in Janaury 2012.

A sequel series called Little Battlers eXperience W was announced on December 20, 2011 and premiered on TV Tokyo one month later on January 18, 2012.

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