Episode Guide

Please note this is a work in progress guide based upon the listings from the Hong Kong produced Animax dub and the Danball Senki Wiki. Come back soon for home grown episode descriptions and more!

Italics represent the Japanese title, with the non-italicized text representing the dub that has aired on Animax.

Episode 1: Meeting With a Small Machine! / First Contact Ban Yamano is on his way home after a round of LBX battles with his friends when a mysterious woman hands him a briefcase.
Episode 2: Achilles Lost / The Achilles Robbery Ban shows off his AX-00 to his friends and the model shop owner gives him a brand new Achilles armor frame. Later, he is challenged to a battle.
Episode 3: Hell Destroyer / The God of Destruction Ban and Goda have an LBX battle. Meanwhile, someone is planning to recover the AX-00 and kidnap its’ inventor.
Episode 4: The Cursed Golden Knights! / The Golden Warrior’s Curse Kazu is hypnotized by an Egyptian LBX, but it’s a trap set by the inventor and starts a battle with Ban and Ami.
Episode 5: Dark Assassins Achilles and Ban win the battle which breaks the hypnotic spell. Two men give Kazu a Hunter LBX and Ban agrees to help stop an assassination plot.
Episode 6: Sniper Vs. Sniper Ban and his friends split up to search for the assassin. Later Ban and Ami fights a Deku LBX while Kazu discovers the location of the assassin.
Episode 7: Their name is Innovator Ban learns that his father, Dr Yamano, is still alive. Ami manages to track down the location of Ban’s father and the group heads there.
Episode 8: The Angel Star Labyrinth Unable to fight off Invit, a LBX equipped with huge claw arms, the group retreats to observe the new LBX from afar. Soon, they discover a weakness.
Episode 9: Izitus, Monster of Steel Inside Angel Star, the group encounters Izitus and are unable to fight it off. Takuya and Ren rescue them but Kirishima manages to capture Ahilles.
Episode 10: A New Classmate Ban is surprised to see his new classmate at an underground LBX tournament. Ban realizes the only way to save his father is to win the competition.
Episode 11: Wizard In A Box On the way to meet Goda, Ban is challenged to a battle from three Innovator agents.
Episode 12: Anglabisitus Dark Battlefield During the battle, the right hand of Ban’s Achilles was damaged.
Episode 13: Joker’s Double Attack The next battle sees Ban’s Achilles using Gouda’s Hakai-O’s arms to fight with Sendo.
Episode 14: Decisive Battle! The Emperor Ban won the battle against the Emperor in the final match at Anglabisitus.
Episode 15: Saving The World Ban was guided to Seeker’s head office and made a member of it.
Episode 16: Infiltration to Dark Fort Ban and group managed to get into the Kaido House. Ban had a battle with Jin.
Episode 17: Fatal Reunion Ban foresees that the platinum capsule will be lost to the bad guys if they manage to get their hands on Achilles.
Episode 18: Altemis Opening Ban gets a special training to learn a tactic from LEX.
Episode 19: Fierce Battle of Jin Versus LEX The Altemis tournament continues and Jin is set to fight LEX.
Episode 20: Stormy Tournament Ban’s battles continue.
Episode 21: Super Plasma Burst Ban continues his battle with Team Keita.
Episode 22: Mysterious Player, Yuyu Haibara Yaya makes her first debut match and demonstrated the skills of her LBX.
Episode 23: Decisive Battle Royale Yaya became out of control while Yujin and Masquedo J were defeated.
Episode 24: Last Battle Ban fights Jin resulting in Achilles being destroyed.
Episode 25: Beginning of New War The platinum capsule is recaptured by LEX.
Episode 26: The Sparkle LBX, Pandora The design for Ban’s LBX is taken from the platinum capsule at Tiny Orbit.
Episode 27: Arrival of New Machine Yagami cut his connections with Innovator.
Episode 28: Odin Sortie Ban’s LBX interrupted the reckless driving of Protozenon.
Episode 29: The Fabled Super Otakulos Ban visits Akihabara to meet Otakulos who may be able to break into a God gate through infinity net.
Episode 30: Charge Into The God Gate Ban battles with Otakulos and finally drove for the God gate through Hades.
Episode 31: Akihabara Kingdom As a king of the Akihabara Kingdom is able to control the hackers, Ban and team decides to take part in the Akihabara Kingdom to be the King.
Episode 32: The Akihabara Kingdom Opening The Akihabara Kingdom opens and Ban battles with Saki.
Episode 33: Gouda Versus Sendo The battle continues and for the second match, Ban’s team faces the Hackers.
Episode 34: Ban Versus Jin In the final match, Ban faces Jin’s team but Ban managed to win even though his team got knocked down by Team Jin.
Episode 35: The Sun of God Apollo Kayser As a winner, Ban gets to challenge the Master King, who is a 5 years old boy. Ban won and became a King of the hackers.
Episode 36: Hope of Mankind, Eternal Cycler Ban went to Seeker’s head office. Meanwhile the production for Eternal Cycler is about to begin when Innovator’s LBX came to attack.
Episode 37: The Fortress Tank Parudoma Yusuke and other hackers mobilised all the LBX and build a safety line to protect Eternal Cycler.
Episode 38: Time for Revival of Seeker Seeker and Takuya start to prepare for the final war with the Innovator.
Episode 39: Stand Up, Van Ban joins Jin in an attempt to rescue Ami and the rest who are captured and held inside a weapons facility.
Episode 40: Disclosed Plot Innovator’s true goal has been discovered.
Episode 41: Left of Devil Ban and gang wants to stop Saturn but they are met with a surprise.
Episode 42: Final Mission A team of LBXs are making their way to Saturn’s control room not knowing they will meet with a powerful defence.
Episode 43: Decisive Match In The Sky Saturn is finally taken.
Episode 44: The Man Who Changes The World The final battle is set to begin.
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