Little Battlers eXperience for ROID

Announced in September 2009, LBX for ROID is a mobile game adaptation of the PSP tile. The game accurately reproduces the main plot of the PSP storyline, and offers an incredibly unique experience. As the title was developed around the limitations of Japanese mobile phones rather than using the 3D models seen in the PSP title, LBX for Roid uses a 2D sprite based graphics style. Gameplay, and customization has also received tweaks to suit the platform. The game even features wireless multiplayer.

ROID stands for “Revolutionary Original Ideas Discovery”, and is Level-5’s mobile gaming portal only available on NTT DoCoMo i-mode enabled handsets. Users pay a monthly fee of 315 yen, 525 yen, 735 yen, 1,050 yen or 1,575 yen. Individual game prices cost at least 315 yen. Games are often split up, and sold episodically.

LBX for ROID launched June 9, with the series of games concluding on June 21, 2011.

Level-5 Little Battlers eXperience for ROID Official Page (Japanese)

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