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Inazuma Eleven Go vs. Little Battlers eXperience W second trailer posted

Level-5 has released the second trailer for their upcoming theatrical crossover between Little Battlers eXperience W, and the soccer themed Inazuma Eleven Go:

The film itself opens December 1 in Japan. Those who preorder tickets will receive two sets of trading cards themed around LBX, and Inazuma Eleven. As well, this will entitle early ticket buyers to a password to unlock Ikaros Raimon Z in LBX W for PSP and PSVita. This LBX is simply Ban’s normal Ikaros Zero with a Raimon Soccer Club themed frame.


LBX W anime DVDs to start in June

The first DVD volume of the LBX W anime has a set release date in Japan! Little Battlers eXperience W Volume 1 is set to hit Japanese retailers June 27 and retail for 5,040 yen. This release will contain episodes 1-4 plus a special bonus compilation feature. Like the previous LBX anime DVD releases Media Factory will be handling distribution, and the DVDs themselves will contain only Japanese audio, and be restricted to Region 2.

The final DVD release for the original LBX anime was just released this past week in Japan.

LBX W anime episode 13 preview streamed

Little Battlers eXperience Episode 13 airs Wednesday at 7:27PM JST on TV Tokyo. Will you be watching?

LBX W episode 12 preview streamed

Little Battlers eXperience Episode 12 airs Wednesday at 7:27PM JST on TV Tokyo. Will you be watching?

Animax’s LBX dub won’t be the international one

Battlers Box has learned that the English dub of Little Battlers eXperience currently airing on Animax in South East Asia will not be the English version released internationally by Dentsu Entertainment USA. The LBX English dub currently airing on Animax is one produced in Hong Kong specifically for the South East Asia market. As mentioned in our first posting, it is not uncommon for Animax to produce dubs exclusive to its channel, and this one seems to be another. We’ll just have to wait even longer for Blue Water’s Canadian adaptation of LBX, but in the mean time, does it excite you that there’s two English dubs for LBX in production? I wonder which one will be better! Read the rest of this entry

LBX W anime episode 11 trailer streamed

TV Tokyo began streaming the preview to the next LBX W episode. It seems the drama from last week’s episode continues. How will our heroes get themselves out of this sticky situation? Due a pre-emption, LBX W will not be airing this week, you can check this episode April 4 at 7:27PM.

Will you be watching?

LBX W anime episode 10 preview streamed

Episode 10 of the LBX anime premieres this Wednesday on TV Tokyo, but we’ve got the preview now:

It seems things are getting really serious! Will you be watching?