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Bandai brings Little Battlers eXperience to New York Comic-Con

A leak of a banner from this weekend’s New York Comic-Con showcases Bandai America’s involvement with the franchise:

Bandai has become worldwide license holder for the toys, and will presumably be releasing western versions of the ubiquitous model kits once the anime series hits TV. That’s Dentsu Entertainment USA’s job. They’ve employed Bluewater Studios in Calgary to dub the series in English (separate to the already existing Asian dub) and will launch sometime in Fall of 2013. Read the rest of this entry


LBX W anime episode 15 preview streamed

Check out the trailer for the latest episode of LBX W airing Wednesday at 7:27JST on TV Tokyo!

Animax’s LBX dub won’t be the international one

Battlers Box has learned that the English dub of Little Battlers eXperience currently airing on Animax in South East Asia will not be the English version released internationally by Dentsu Entertainment USA. The LBX English dub currently airing on Animax is one produced in Hong Kong specifically for the South East Asia market. As mentioned in our first posting, it is not uncommon for Animax to produce dubs exclusive to its channel, and this one seems to be another. We’ll just have to wait even longer for Blue Water’s Canadian adaptation of LBX, but in the mean time, does it excite you that there’s two English dubs for LBX in production? I wonder which one will be better! Read the rest of this entry

LBX DVD Volume 11 cover art revealed

Media Factory has revealed the box art to the final Little Battlers eXperience DVD. The final DVD release comes out April 25, and will retail for an MSRP of 5,040 yen. It will contain episodes 41-44, concluding the first LBX anime series. A DVD release for the ongoing LBX W anime series has yet to be announced.

The conclusion of this release also means the conclusion of our Japanese DVD Guide!

Little Battlers eXperience English dub premieres on Animax

Asian anime channel Animax will be hosting the world premiere of the Little Battlers eXperience English dub. The series will run 5 days a week on Monday through Friday at 5:30PM in the Ani-chan block. The show premieres March 20, which is tomorrow!

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