Data Carddass Little Battlers eXperience

Announced at Level-5 World 2011 on October 18, Data Carddass Little Battlers eXperience is an arcade game co-developed by Level-5 and Bandai. This game allows users to have a different LBX experience. Gamers buy pay 100 yen to draw a card, and 200 yen for two cards which allows the user to play the game. You see, Data Carddass arcade games allow the user to swipe in special trading cards that activate certain special moves. The first set of trading cards and machines were available in November 2011.

Data Carddass LBX is played quite differently than other LBX games. This game has more in common with a turn based RPG, than the free movement action found in main series of titles. The player can select one of six preset character avatars they want to use to represent themselves in battle. From there one battles can take place in 3 on 3 matches in a turn based system. Players (the arcade cabinet allows co-operative play with a friend) scan in the cards they want to use to attack their opponent, and then wait to see how they respond. The game is continually updated with new characters, and boss modes. It also allows users to customize their LBX with a variety of parts. The user’s information is stored on an I.C. card (see right) which saves stats, customizations and progress through the game.

An example of a card.

As of this writing there are currently 3 sets. Release dates are as follows:
Set 1: November 24, 2011
Set 2: January 23, 2012
Set 3: March 8, 2012

Data Carddass Little Battlers eXperience Official Site (Japanese)

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